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Snapchat has a great Android app that allows its users to easily make and share photos with all their friends! The app allows you to make a picture or a video, set a timer to it and send it to your friends. Once the timer expires your friends won’t be able to see the snap again. This however does not mean that there are no ways of capturing the images you’ve made. So stay smart and don’t send any images with content that is not appropriate.



Keep track of all your friends and send and receive snaps from them. You’ll also be alerted if someone makes a screenshot of your snap! Unfortunately some people have also made apps to circumvent this. Always download official apps, which you can find using the links on this page.

There are also videos on video websites with tutorials on how to use Snapchat. Check this one out that has an overview and tutorials on the latest versions of Snapchat:

Tutorial Link



You can download the app on google play here!

Or check out this page we made especially for you to download the app!

Download Snapchat

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